We've gotten this request a number of times. Some of our customers rarely go above the 12 o'clock mark on the mix knob, and they want to have more sensitivity at low mix values. There is a simple way to add this sensitivity. It involves soldering a resistor between two pads on the pcb. It won't void your warranty, so if you have a soldering iron and some resistors, feel free to try it out!

I've included a couple files. The "faking a log pot mod.jpg" picture shows you where to solder in the resistor. In my case, I used a 560 ohm resistor.

In "faking a log pot.JPG", you'll see that different resistor values give you different curves. The smaller the resistor you add, the more sensitive the pot gets in the counterclockwise area and the less sensitive it gets in the clockwise area.

If you really want to get crazy I've included the file "faking a log pot.asc". It's an LTspice file, so you'd have to install the LTspice program (it's free). But from there, you can play around with resistor values.

One thing to note is that this resistor you're adding will increase the current consumption of the pedal. At worst, it will increase the current by 3.3V divided by resistor value. So say you add a 560 ohm resistor. You'll be increasing the current consumption by 3.3/560 = 6 mA. The current consumption for the Tape Delay is around 280mA, so you'll be increasing it to around 286mA.

Please email us at support@empresseffects.com if you have any questions.