The Empress Phaser has a microcontroller in it that has firmware loaded on it. Occasionally we'll make small changes to the firmware. To find out which version of firmware you have, unplug the power from the Empress Phaser, then plug it back in. You'll notice that the LEDs above the tap (red LED) and bypass (blue LED) stompswitches flash in a pattern of long and short red flashes. (Actually, if you don't get any flashes, that means you have version 0). It always starts with a long flash. A long flash represents a 1, and short flash represents a 0. The resulting pattern of 1s and 0s is a binary number that gives you the firmware version. If you know how to convert from binary to decimal, you're all set. If you don't, you can do the conversionĀ here. Or you could just email us the pattern and we'll tell you!

For example, if you get a pattern that goes "long short long," that represents 101, which means you have firmware version 5. If you get the pattern "long long," that represents 11, which means you have firmware version 3.