Here's the markings in order from counter-clockwise to clockwise:

Low band:
35hz, 45hz, 60hz, 100hz, 140hz, 190hz, 230hz, 300hz, 380hz, 470hz, 500Hz

Mid band:
250hz, 270Hz, 370hz, 600hz, 840Hz, 1.1khz, 1.4khz, 2khz, 2.7khz, 3.5khz, 5khz

High band:
1khz, 1.3khz, 1.5khz, 3khz, 3.5khz, 4.5khz,  5.6khz, 7khz, 9.5khz, 15khz, 20khz

There's going to be a bit of variation from unit to unit because pot tapers from pot to pot are never perfectly consistent - especially in log and reverse log pots.  Unfortunately that's the nature of logarithmic pots.