That's a bummer, especially when you're on stage!

So here's a quick fix to hold you over until we update the 'Knob Lock' feature in the advanced configuration.

*Following these steps will not void your warranty.

This 'mod' will lower the save button profile which should help to avoid accidentally hitting the save button when scrolling through banks etc.

Here's what you'll need:

- Reverb pedal

- #10 socket

- #14 socket

- 1/2'' socket

- screwdriver 

- washers with a 9/32" inner diameter

 (in this case, I only needed one washer but depending on the thickness you may need 2)

Step 1 - Remove 4 screws from Reverb enclosure

Step 2 - using the 1/2" and #14 sockets, remove the input/output jack nuts

Step 3 - carefully lift the top PCB and gently slide the ribbon cable out.

Here's the save button - you may need to remove the ribbon cable completely so make a note of which way it is facing!

Step 4 - remove the save button nut with a #10 socket and add 1 or two washers

Step 5 - Reassembly

- Start with securing the save button as shown in Step 4

- Reattach the ribbon cable on both ends (make sure the "product side" connects to the board attached to the footswitches etc)

- Replace the top PCB and hand tighten the nuts as shown in Step 2

- hand tighten 4 screws on the back of enclosure

You're done! Hey, you're pretty handy.

It should look something like this:


Boot up the pedal and start rocking!!