Since you provide your own power supply, Yep!

All of our pedals work on 9v-12v DC (with the exception of the Superdelay and VMSD. We supply the region-correct wall adapter for those at time of purchase) 

So unless this is your first pedal, you probably already have the right power supply.

If you happen to be going on tour or travelling with your pedalboard, you will need to look into getting a power supply that is compatible with that country.

VoodooLabs Pedal Power 2 is available in a few specs:

120V 50/60Hz (North America model)

100V 60Hz (Japan model)

230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Australia model)

As long as our pedals see the 9v-12v DC negative tip, you're all set!  

(except for the Superdelay and VMSD)