We've ironed out all the kinks we could find in the original looper beta release. Here's a bunch of changes we made:

- a V30 SDHC card is now required for the looper. Trying to get lower quality cards to work was too much of a crap shoot.

- the looper should now fail gracefully instead of causing loud noises.

- the looper now records for longer than 20 seconds, up to 10 minutes.

- more than a year after it was first suggested on the idea forum, we've added an Echorec mode to the Echosystem. It's under Analog Yellow.

- presets can now be saved/loaded from an SDHC card with a FAT32. Details in the changelog files attached.

- the looper will corrupt any data on the SD card, so don't use a card with important stuff on it!

- please keep volume down for awhile while using! We've tested with a bunch of V30 cards, but probably haven't tested with yours, so stay safe!

- if you find bugs, have questions, or comments, please email support@empresseffects.com

Here's a link to a cheap V30 card if you don't have one: https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Extreme-microSDHC-UHS-3-SDSQXAF-032G-GN6MA/dp/B06XWMQ81P/ref=pd_sbs_147_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XWMQ81P&pd_rd_r=K7HF2C3DHYKX0A9DM05M&pd_rd_w=4NwZb&pd_rd_wg=CxdVP&psc=1&refRID=K7HF2C3DHYKX0A9DM05M


--------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

- download firmware from https://empresseffects.com/pages/echosystem-firmware or https://empresseffects.com/pages/reverb-firmware

- load firmware onto Echosystem or Reverb using instructions located at page above.

- go into advanced config

- move rotary knob until the 2nd green mode led shines. turn decay/delay time all the way up, preset led should go to the 2nd one. Now looper is enabled.

- move rotary knob until the 3rd green mode led shines. select whether you want "looper before effect" (counterclockwise) or "looper after effect" (clockwise)

- I recommend starting with "looper after reverb/echosystem", that way you can apply different reverb settings to the tracks

- put V30 SD card into pedal and reboot. On boot, if the SD card doesn't have a FAT32 file system on it, you'll get all the lights blinking for a couple seconds, which

  you can ignore. If you don't want that to happen, format the card with FAT32.



- to get in and out of looper UI mode, hold down middle and right stomps for about a second.

- to move the active track, tap middle and right stomps together

- to start/stop recording, tap the left stomp

- to play/stop, tap the right stomp

- to mute/unmute the active track, tap the middle stomp

- to clear an active track with material in it, tap the left and middle buttons together

- to clear all tracks, move to an empty track and tap the left and middle buttons together

- while in looper UI mode, the knobs still affect the reverb/echosystem sound, so you can change up the modes or the parameters while in looper UI mode

- the tracks still play when you exit looper UI mode.