When sending clocks, triggers or gates into the input jacks on the Euroburo to internal ZOIA modules small amounts of noise may cause modules to trigger unintentionally.  To remedy this we added clock filters that you can engage by editing the corresponding input jacks module(hit shift plus the pencil and paper icon after pressing the desired input jack button).  Scroll down to the clock filter option and select the desired setting.  These will prevent internal ADSRs from firing at unwanted intervals.  
The clock filter acts as a Schmitt trigger to output a clean clock signal (which Zoia requires) from the cv input.  The numbers represent the low and high threshold values. ie 2,8 would cause the module to output 0 when the input goes below 0.2 of the input voltage range, and output a high signal when the signal goes above 0.8 of the input voltage range.