Zoia, like all of our pedals, uses MIDI Type A (MIDI Standard). This is the same type used by other companies such as Korg and Make Noise. 

If your MIDI device is not being received by your Zoia, there's a chance it's using MIDI Type B. That's the MIDI type used by companies such as Novation and Arturia.

If you run into this problem, make sure your MIDI device is using the MIDI adapter that was supplied with it and that the Zoia is also using the MIDI adapter that it was supplied with. 

Basically make sure the Type A device is using a Type A adapter and the Type B device is using a Type B adapter. Now connect the two adapters with a typical 5 pin DIN MIDI cable. 

If the adapters are correct and the cable is working then your Zoia should be receiving MIDI!

If the MIDI issue persists, please contact support@empresseffects.com and we'll be happy to help.