Before testing the Empress Tremolo2 in our shop, we calibrate it so that the engaged signal is unity gain when the output knob is at 12 o'clock. You can recalibrate the Tremolo2 to give you more or less gain. Here's how:

1) Plug your instrument and amp (or whatever you use) into the Tremolo2. Unplug the Tremolo2's power.

2) While holding down both stomp switches and the save switch, plug the power into the pedal. 

3) Keep holding down those switches until the tap led does a little rainbow dance. When that happens you can let go.

4) Now we're in the calibration zone, otherwise known as the calzone. In the calzone, when you hit the bypass stompswitch, the Tremolo2 switches between being engaged and bypassed. It doesn't apply a tremolo effect to the engaged signal, it just acts as a gain. By moving the output knob, you change the gain of the engaged signal. You are essentially setting what gain the Tremolo2 will have when the output knob is set to 12 o'clock. So when we're doing the calibration in the shop, we are trying to match the level of the engaged and bypassed signals. But if you want the engaged signal to have more gain, you can crank the output knob while in the calzone.

When you're done, hit TAP

Now I'm thinking of calzones. mmmmm

* If calibration does not solve the issue, please email and we will be happy to help you further!