After lots of troubleshooting we have devised a plan for folks with stubborn MIDI issues with certain devices such as:


iRIG stuff

Morningstar MC6

Sending in to us is always an option and I"ll be happy to do this fro you and we'll cover standard shipping costs

if you'd rather send it in, please email Adam at

If you have a soldering iron, let's do it!

contact us and we'll send you the part you'll need


- Pay attention to the orientation of the chip, you want the upper left indicator to be towards the JTAG connector (upside down in board view)

- The new chip will be installed crooked since the leads are offset

- make sure you don't short the 5v jumper on the JTAG leads

1 - After removing the 4 screws on the backplate and the nuts from the audio jacks, remove the top board from the ZOIA and gently remove the ribbon cable by unlocking the connector by pulling up on the tab (black)

2 - Remove U13

3 - Bend leads 1, 4, 7    

4 - Then snip them off

5 - Give leads 2,3,5,6 little feet and bend pin 8 at a 45’ angle

6 - Solder one side of the pins

7 - Move the chip around so the pins on the other side line up

8 - Connect a wire from the 5v rail to the 8th pin

9 - Now put it back together and you should be golden!