The ZOIA receives CV(or MIDI) on the tip of a 1/4" cable and sends out on the ring side.  So sending CV in to the ZOIA is pretty simple, you could just connect an unbalanced TS cable.  Sending CV out can be a little more complicated because most CV inputs are looking for a signal on the tip of a cable and not on the ring.  Here are a couple solutions: 

1. Use a cable like this Hosa breakout cable - and use a TS cable connected the ring(red) jack to the device you wish to send CV to.  If you were going to send the signal to a Eurorack module you would want a 1/4" to 1/8" cable like this one plugged into the ring jack of the breakout -

2.  Use a 1/4" TRS to dual 1/4" TS insert cable.  With this cable you can plug the ring side of the insert cable into the device you want to receive CV and still send CV back to the ZOIA via the tip side of the insert cable.  

3.  Make your own cable, with a standard TRS connection on the side used to connect to the ZOIA and flipping the ring connection while leaving the tip floating on the side you wish to send CV out on.