Sending CV clock information to the Echosystem is set up the same way as using an external tap switch.  The Echosystem must be in Global(blue tap) mode to receive tap information from a switch or clock.  

To set this up go into the advanced config menu by holding down the select and bypass stomps.  The preset LEDs will blink twice to indicate you are in.  

Turn the mode knob to Blue Plate and then use the decay knob to light up preset number 3 or 4 for normally open or closed switches.  Exit advanced config by holding down the select and bypass stompswitches.  

Control port configuration:

Plate - 

1. Expression Pedal*
2. Control Voltage Input

 3. Normally Open Switch 

4. Normally Closed Switch

6. MIDI with Preset Out

As of 2.09 there is a known bug that happens if you are sending CV signals while the pedal is booting up or exiting advanced configuration mode that makes the pedal freeze.  As a workaround unplug the cable from the control port until the pedal boots up if you are sending clock info to the pedal until a fix is available.