First thing to note is that MIDI clock will only work on Global Tap mode (blue) !

MIDI setup instructions

Entering Advanced Configuration
While holding down the tap and bypass stompswitches, press 
the shift button. All the preset LEDs will blink yellow twice to
confirm you're in.

Set the control port to receive MIDI: 
What you want is Tape #5 using the delay time knob
You can also set MIDI channel to match you other gear
Ambient and whatever Preset LED # matches number as your other gear so for example: Ambient #3 is channel 3 etc
Exiting Advanced Configuration
Press tap and bypass stompswitches simultaneously. Preset LEDs will blink yellow twice and the pedal
will reboot.

The Echosystem listens for MIDI clock by default so that should work. 
Reminder: MIDI clock will only work on global tap mode!