Here are the steps to setting up MIDI on your Tremolo2

1. Go into advanced configuration by holding BOTH stompswitches on start up and give it a few seconds for the BYPASS light to flash twice.
2. Set the waveform switch to SQUARE 
3. Turn the rhythm knob to the MIDI channel you want (rhythm 1 = MIDI channel 1, etc.)
4. Set the waveform switch to TUBE
5. Turn the rhythm knob to number 6 to change the control port to MIDI mode
6. Exit advanced configuration by pressing BOTH stompswitches

The Tremolo2 can use both TRS and TS cables to connect your Tremolo2 to a MIDI box such as our MIDIBox2.

The Tremolo2 uses Type A MIDI, so if you are using other company devices, just make sure you're using the appropriate adapters or settings to convert any different MIDI Types.